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Stepper motor drive mute _ with slow step motor company

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Step planetary gear motor in a certain drive pulse conversion direction, according to this direction of step motor drive is divided into control and logic output two parts. Limit signal is used to reset and limit direction, so in the direction of the control part of the process at the same time limit; In logic output part, according to the control demand again divided into reduction, automatic and manual three logical processing gear coupling, on the output logic is implemented, reset, automatic and manual through certain priority logic, occupy the request by sending a motor output module reuse logic. Climb the reset gear coupling is used to reset the starting position of the focusing lens to climb the mountain search. Stepping motor drives in unit capture the instruction after the reset signal, drive logic according to the predetermined direction, until after the effective feedback controller receives limit signal to stop. Reset, in the process of automatic and manual request is invalid. Steps of stepper planetary gear motor drives the data receiving end in unit receives the instructions of the incoming steps run after the first take up the request to check whether there is other current motor, idle, if the motor is in accordance with the direction of the incoming signal output at the same time steps specified drive logic, or ignore the automatic control request. Manual fine-tuning as a kind of auxiliary control means, in the drive to allow manual fine-tuning the position of the focusing lens. Each start a manual fine tuning, motor is in the direction of the run setting, run a fixed fine-tuning distance. Drive after capture to manually input signal, read the manual operation direction set values at the same time, if the current motor idle, are in accordance with the manual input signal output fixed step in the direction of the drive logic; Otherwise, manual request is invalid.

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