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Stepper motor drive parameters _ deceleration stepper motor specifications

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Stepper motor due to the limitation of its manufacturing process, such as the size of the step from the Angle of the rotor teeth and run for several decision, but the rotor teeth and run number is limited, so the stepper motor step away from the Angle of general larger and is fixed, the step of low resolution, lack of flexibility, when running in low frequency vibration, noise is higher than other micromotor, make easily fatigue or damage to the physical device. These shortcomings make the stepper planetary gear motor can only be used in some occasions with low requirements, higher requirements on occasion, can only take the closed loop control, increase the complexity of the system, these shortcomings seriously limits the stepper motor as the excellent efficient use of open-loop control components. Subdivided driving technology to a certain extent, effectively overcome these shortcomings.

the stepping motor subdivision control - _ stepper motor manufacturer Wan Zhida motor

the stepping motor subdivision drive technology is mid - developed a kind of comprehensive performance can significantly improve the stepping motor drive technology. In the American scholar, incremental motion control systems and devices in the United States for the first time in meeting interval Angle of stepping motor subdivision control method. Over the next 20 years, stepping motor subdivision driver got great development. Fully mature gradually developed in the 1990 s. Study of subdivided driving technology in our country, the start time is almost the same with foreign.

in the mid - ninety - s to the larger development. Mainly used in industry, aerospace, robot, precision measurement, and other fields, such as the use of photoelectric theodolite tracking satellite, military equipment, communication and radar equipment, subdivided driving technology is widely used, makes the motor phase number is not restricted by interval Angle, brought convenient for product design. Currently on the stepping planetary gear motor subdivision drive technology, adopts chopping constant current drive, pulse width modulation driving, constant amplitude current vector even rotation drive control, and a few greatly improve the operation precision stepper motor running, the stepper planetary gear motor in the medium and small power applications to develop in the direction of high-speed and motors.

originally, control of the stepping motor phase current is implemented by hardware, usually adopt two methods, adopts multiplex power switch power supply, current in winding current stack, this method make less waste of power tube, but due to the way many, so many device, large volume.

the pulse signal superposition first, then through power tube linear amplifier, gain step current, the advantage is the device used less, but high power tube power, low system power, if the pipe work in nonlinear area will cause distortion, because itself cannot overcome shortcomings, so it has been rarely used these two kinds of methods.

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