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Stepper motor drive parameters _ deceleration stepper motor specifications

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
With the development of the society, the stepping motor control system of the precision demand is higher and higher, the control strategy of early already cannot satisfy the needs of the current system, in order to improve accuracy and reliability of step motor system is a stepper motor control strategy research. The most widely described below four directions:

1, the PID control: it according to the given value r ( t) And the actual output value c ( t) A control deviation e ( t) , the deviation of proportion, integral and differential through the linear combination of control volume, to control the controlled object. Has verified the method has good dynamic response. Made of the PID controller has a simple structure, strong robustness and high reliability etc, but it can not effectively deal with the uncertain information in the system.

2, adaptive control, it is developed in the 1950 s a branch in the field of automatic control. As the control of complicated object, when the dynamic characteristics of unknown or unpredictable changes, to obtain high performance controller, according to the linear step motor or approximate linear model is deduced from the global stability of the adaptive control algorithm,. Its main advantage is easy to implement and adaptive speed, can effectively overcome the influence caused by the gradual change of planetary gear motor parameters, output signal tracking reference signal, but these control algorithms are heavily dependent on the motor parameters

3, vector control, vector control is the theoretical basis of modern high performance motor control, can improve the motor torque control performance. It through the stator current is divided into excitation field oriented components and torque control respectively, and obtain good decoupling characteristic, therefore, need to control the amplitude of the stator current vector control, and the need to control the phase current.

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4, intelligent control, it broke through the mathematical model must be based on the framework of traditional control method, do not rely on or does not rely solely on the mathematical model of controlled object, only according to the actual effect, be able to consider in the control system of the uncertainty and accuracy, and has stronger robustness and adaptability. Now have a fuzzy logic control, neural network control is relatively mature in the application.

a, fuzzy control, fuzzy control is on the basis of the fuzzy model of controlled object, the fuzzy controller of approximate reasoning methods, achieve system control method. System designed for lead Angle control, without the mathematical model of speed response time is short.

b, neural network control: use of a large number of neurons according to certain topological structure and learning adjustment, can approximate any complex nonlinear system, fully able to learning and adaptive unknown or uncertain system, has a strong robustness and fault tolerance.

at present, many scholars put these control technology combined with each other, in order to solve the lack of simple control technology.

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