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Stepper motor drive prices _ deceleration stepper motor manual

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Q: motor reciprocating movement back and forth are not in place and the fixed offset

may cause: belt clearance

the reason analysis: the reverse clearance between belt and synchronous wheel, back will exist a certain amount of idle.

solution: such as the movement control CARDS have belt backlash compensation function, can use; Or tighten belt.

Q: cut draw trajectory misalignment

may cause (1) : large inertia

root cause analysis: painted plate cutting machine ink jet process is controlled by a grating, scanning movement, cutting the interpolation motion, the trajectory is not coincidence, because similar devices X car smaller moment of inertia and the grating orientation, print position accurately, and the Y axis gantry structure inertia is larger, poor motor response and interpolation part Y follow sex is bad cause moving track offset.

solution: increase Y reduction ratio, using rigid notch function to improve the servo drivers in order to solve the problem.

may cause (2) : knife and nozzle coincidence degree not adjusted the

root cause analysis: because painting machine cutter and nozzle are installed in the car, but both have the X axis, draw on a cutting machine software can adjust the coordinate difference make knives and nozzle track overlap, if not good, will draw trajectory integral separation.

solution: modify the knife and nozzle position compensation parameters.

Q: painting YuanCheng elliptical

may cause: XY platform two axis is not perpendicular

root cause analysis: the XY axis structure, deviation such as drawing graphics YuanCheng ellipse, square deviation into a parallelogram. Gantry structure X axis and Y axis vertical will lead to the problem.

solution: adjust the gantry X axis and Y axis perpendicularity can solve the problem.

irregular offset

Q: in the process of running deviation, not regular presence deviation accident, how many uncertain offset

may cause (1) : interference causes planetary gear motor offset

the reason analysis: the aperiodic deviation because most cause interference, a few as narrow pulse movement control CARDS or loose mechanical structure.

solutions: if interference occur more frequently, the oscilloscope to monitor the pulse frequency may be used to determine the disturbance of the time, in turn, determine the interference sources, remove or keep the pulse signal from interference sources can solve part of the interference. If appear interference is an accident, or to locate interference sources or electric cabinet has been fixed to mobile, can consider to adopt the following measures to solve the problem:

(1) drive grounding,

(2) pulse line replacement of twisted-pair shielded wire,

3. Pulse parallel 103 ceramic capacitor filter (positive and negative side Pulse frequency is less than 54 KHZ) ,

(4) the pulse signal of magnetic ring,

5) drive and the controller power front-end increase filter.

note: common interference sources include transformer, relay coil, frequency converter, electromagnetic valve, power lines, etc. Planning the electrical cabinets should avoid signal lines near the interference sources, signal lines with high voltage power supply line can be different slot wiring.

may cause (2) : the burst appears narrow pulse

problem analysis: the customer movement control CARDS sent pulse sequence space is small or big, appear narrow pulse, the drive can't identify, leads to deviation.

solution: find the controller appear this kind of problem, pulse interface, or software algorithm problems

may cause (3) : the mechanical structure is loose

problem analysis: even the axis, synchronous wheel, speed reducer with top silk such as fixed or screw clamp fittings in rapid impact running for a period of time may become loose, lead to deviation. With key and keyway with fixed synchronous wheel, pay attention to whether there is a gap between keys and keyways, gear and rack structure, pay attention to the fit clearance between the two.

solution: key parts, mechanical structure of the screw must be used to play mat, and screw or top wire should be coated screw glue. The planetary gear motor shaft and the coupling with keyway connect as far as possible.

may cause (4) : excessive filtering capacitor

problem analysis: filter capacitance is too large, normal RC filter cutoff frequency is 1/2 & PI; RC, capacitance, the smaller the cut-off frequency, the greater the general drive pulse resistance of 270 ohms, RC filter circuit, composed of 103 ceramic capacitor cutoff frequency is 54 KHZ, frequency higher than this will lead to some effective for large amplitude attenuation signal cannot be detected correctly drive, eventually led to the deviation.

solution: add filter capacitor need accounting when the pulse frequency, make sure the biggest through pulse frequency to meet the requirements.

may cause (5) : PLC or maximum pulse frequency high enough movement control CARDS

root cause analysis: general PLC output maximum allowable pulse frequency of 100 KHZ, movement control CARDS according to their different pulse chip differences, especially ordinary MCU development of movement control CARDS may result due to low pulse frequency offset.

solution: maximum pulse frequency is limited, if the upper machine to ensure speed, can decrease the driver segment, in order to keep the planetary gear motor speed.

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