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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Brush is usually called brush, ( Electricity) Brush or carbon brush, its function is fixed in planetary gear motor parts and rotating parts - The conduction current between commutator or collector ring. Large, medium and small synchronous motors, generators, small equipment widely used in electric tools, dc planetary gear motor to brush, rather than direct contact with the object is slip ring or commutator, reasonable selection and collocation to them can improve the reliability of the motor.

the classification of the brush

1, according to the raw material classification

brush according to different raw materials can be divided into the carbon brush and metal brush 2 broad categories. The carbon brush to general carbon materials (such as carbon black, graphite, or coke Symbol for C, atomic number is 6) As the main raw materials. Metal quality brush to copper powder, silver powder or other metal materials and graphite as main raw material, commonly referred to as the metal graphite brush brush or metal.

all kinds of graphite said the sign bit: natural graphite for S. Electrochemical graphite as D, first the number 1 is expressed as graphite base, 2 say for coke, 3 means for carbon black, 4 expressed as charcoal base, the rest of the digital sequence number. Such as model D374D brush said it is electrochemical graphite, carbon black, the serial number is 74 d brush. Metal graphite as J, the first digit 1 represented as adhesives, 2 said WeiOu adhesives, the rest of the digital sequence number. Such as model J204 brush said its for metal graphite, adhesives, serial number for 04 brush. There are some new models, such as R series for resin bond of graphite brush, L series of carbon graphite brush, Y series of hard carbon brush.

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