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Stepper motor drive size _57 stepper motor manufacturers

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Principle of stepper motor drives all the load on the motor shaft has two kinds, namely damping torque and inertia load. Both load to calculate correctly, its value should meet the following conditions when the machine tool for no-load operation, in the whole speed range, plus load torque on the servo planetary gear motor shaft shall be within the scope of the continuous rated torque motor, which should be in the torque speed characteristic curve of the continuous workspace.

maximum load torque, load cycles and overload time are provided within the permitted scope of characteristic curves. Principle of stepper motor drives the motor in the process of acceleration/deceleration torque should be in deceleration area ( Or intermittent workspace) Within.

principle of stepper planetary gear motor driver requires frequent, braking and periodical change of load, it must be checked for torque RMS values in a cycle. And should be less than the continuous rated torque of the machine. Principle of stepper motor driver on the motor shaft of the sensitivity of load moment of inertia of motor size will have an impact and the precision of servo system. Usually, when the load is less than the motor rotor inertia, the impact is not big.

but when load inertia reach even exceed 5 times of rotor inertia, the principle of stepping motor drive will be great influence to sensitivity and response time. May even make the servo amplifier can't work in normal adjustment range. Stepper motor drive principle, so for this kind of moment of inertia should avoid to use. Recommended for servo motor inertia Jm and the relationship between the load inertia Jl is as follows: 1 & le; Jl/Jm < 5 the calculation method of load torque to the load on the shaft servo planetary gear motor torque calculation formula, owing to the different mechanical.

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