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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Stepper motor operation is relatively simple. Send motor drive current pulse, further before each pulse motor or a fraction of a turn. Each current pulse movement quantity depends on the design of the stator and rotor. For the permanent magnet stepper planetary gear motor, there is usually a 1. The step Angle of 8 c ( Turn every 200 steps) , and the step Angle of hybrid stepping motor is small to 0. 72 degrees ( Turn every 500 steps) 。 However, hybrid and the design of permanent magnet stepper motor can also be through a method called microstep control to drive.

in the micro stepping control, drive without passing discrete pulse current, but sent to the motor winding two phase difference of 90 degrees of sinusoidal voltage wave. Sine wave voltage of the winding current increase and decrease gradually, which makes a fraction of a step motor sports all ( As a result, called & other; Micro step & throughout; ) 。

microstep control benefits

better resolution

microstep control will split a complete step distance up to 256 times, when the whole step from the Angle of 1. 8 degrees, the step Angle is small to 0. 007 degrees ( Turn every 51200 steps) 。 This can greatly improve the resolution ( can move the smallest increment) 。 But with the improvement of resolution, each incremental step will reduce the torque, if increment torque is not enough to overcome inertia load and motor, will reduce the precision of the motor.

micro step ( At the bottom) Can improve the resolution and reduce the positioning oscillation.

the smooth movement

micro stepping control of another benefit is the motor rotation is very smooth. This is because the micro step allows each gradually accumulated in the motor winding current and attenuation, compared with the whole step operation, it provides a more consistent torque, so the more stable movement. This is especially obvious at a slower speed, under the speed, the step operation can lead to obvious braking torque.

micro step

by simulating the sinusoidal voltage waveform, micro step than the whole step or half step provide smoother movement.

reduce resonance

when the stepper motor in its inherent frequency range or near the runtime in its natural frequency scope, resonance may be a problem. All step or half step mode transfer energy pulse will arouse resonance, especially when the motor light load or light load. By providing the smooth movement of the stator flux, making energy more continuous flow rotor, microstep control can reduce or eliminate resonance problem actually.

as the step length decreases, The micro step distance) , the excitation energy ( Can cause resonance) Decrease.

although compared with the whole step or half step operating mode, have reduced the increment torque, but the micro stepping is still has many advantages, makes its many attractive in the application of stepping motor control method. For the application of precise positioning, step motor controlled by micro step than servo drive system can provide a more simple, lower cost solution.

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