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Stepper motor drive stepper motor factory custom _ slowing

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Stepper motor is a device that converts electrical pulses into discrete mechanical movement, gold of stepper motor has a good ability of data control, using computer technology makes the perfect combination of software and hardware, and implement numerical control the normal operation and functional motor control stepping planetary gear motor. Stepper motor technician today to give you analysis method to control the step motor.

who is familiar with the stepping motor all know that in too short time, if the number of pulses from too much control system, stepping electric opportunities are blocked. Adopt the method of deceleration can well solve the problem & ndash; — Stepper motor starting, increased pulse frequency, slowing down gradually reduce the pulse frequency.

and the solution is to drive a pulse, stepper motor is a step away from the Angle of rotation, between the rotor and the stator magnetic response when can't keep up with the change of the electrical signal can also guarantee not blocked or step.

in addition, for different load and speed of step motor, need to choose the right frequency and jump frequency, can achieve better control effect.

step motor has the good characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, widely used in various mechanical equipment, zhongshan stepper planetary gear motor has the following three prominent characteristics of advantages:

one, simple structure, compact design

2, safe and reliable, energy-efficient

3, long service life, simple maintenance

in addition, in the design and structure must be optimized and reasonable, the manufacturer of gold to every move slowly into the motor is is a custom to design the structure of the first, in accordance with design drawings for production production of finished products. Ensure it accord with the requirement of design optimization in the structure, advantage of its functions, guarantee its service life.

stepper planetary gear motor don't need too much maintenance, performance is good, running noise is small, high efficiency, can well improve the electric power, is an ideal economic and environmental protection product.

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