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Stepper motor drive supplier _57 stepper motor selection

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-25
General direction of stepper motor driver and the pulse signal has certain requirements, such as: the first pulse signal up or down in the direction of the driving requirements before the identification of a few microseconds is different, otherwise there will be a pulse operation Angle and the rotation rather than actual need, the failure phenomenon is walk more wide, segmentation, the more obvious, the solution mainly is to use the software to change the hair, the logic of pulse or delay.

due to the nature of the stepping servo motor velocity cannot be too high, especially in the case of large load inertia, suggested that the initial velocity is lower than 1 r/s. In this case, the impact is very small, and the system also is affected by the acceleration is too big, it's easy to overshoot, lead to inaccurate positioning. The motor forward and inversion between should have certain pause time. Otherwise, will overshoot caused by excessive reverse acceleration.

1. According to the actual situation adjustment to compensate the value of the parameter. Due to the elastic deformation of synchronous belt is very big, should add some compensation when changing direction.

2. Appropriate to increase the planetary gear motor current, increase the driving voltage. Choose bigger torque of the planetary gear motor.

3. Interference system led to the incorrect action of the controller or driver, so we can only find out the interference sources, reduce its interference ability, and to cut off the transmission path, and improve the anti-interference ability.

common measures:

A. Replace ordinary wire with double shielded wire. System of signal lines respectively connected with high current or high voltage transformation line, in order to reduce electromagnetic interference.

B. Using the power filter filter out interference from the power grid, and increase in the input main power consumption equipment in power supply filter, in conditions allow to reduce the interference between the devices in the system.

C. Best through photoelectric isolation electric drill speed reducer between the equipment transmission signal. Under the permission, pulse and direction signals through the photoelectric isolation best transmission in difference way. By adding resistance capacitance absorption at both ends or quick release circuit, inductive load can make 10 - at the beginning of the inductive load 100 times of peak voltage.

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