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Stepper motor drive supplier _ deceleration stepper motor selection

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Offset problem is to use stepper or servo planetary gear motor equipment factory in the process of equipment installed debugging and use, one of the common problems faced by. Appeared deviation may be improper mechanical assembly, may be a control system and drive signal does not match, can also be equipment electromagnetic interference, the workshop equipment from interfering with each other or the ground such as inappropriate handling equipment installation.

regularity offset

Q: do reciprocating motion, the more partial (forward Less)

may cause (1) : pulse equivalent not

root cause analysis: both synchronous wheel structure and gear rack structure, machining accuracy error exists. Motion control card ( PLC) Did not set accurate pulse equivalent. For example on a batch of synchronous wheel motor rotating once equipment forward 10 mm, this batch of synchronous wheel forward 10 one revolution of the larger planetary gear motor. 1 mm, will cause each time you run the batch machines equipment go 1% more than before.

solution: before the machine with a machine as much as possible to draw a large-format square, then use feet to actual size, compared to the ratio between the actual size and control card set size, and then add it to control card operations, repeated after three times will get a more accurate value.

may cause (2) : pulse instructions along with the direction to trigger level conversion timing conflict

root cause analysis: PC drives requests instructions along with the direction of the level of pulse transform has certain timing requirements. And part of the PLC or movement control CARDS when programming didn't meet this requirement, Or its own rule does not accord with the requirement of drive) , resulting in pulse and direction of timing offset does not meet the requirements.

solution: control card ( PLC) Software engineers will advance direction of the signal. Or drive application technical personnel change the pulse counting along the way.

Q: movement in the process of motor in the fixed point, after which can run normally, but little take a distance

may cause: mechanical assembly problems

root cause analysis: the mechanical structure at some point resistance is bigger. Due to mechanical installation of parallel degree, vertical degree or design unreasonable reason equipment at some point resistance is bigger, the stepper motor torque change rule is the faster speed torque is smaller, easily at a high speed period of jammed, speed down but can walk past.

solution: 1, check the mechanical structure of a card, the cause of death is it big or slide rail friction resistance is not parallel, etc. 2, the stepper motor torque is not enough. Due to the terminal customers there speed or increase the load requirements, lead to could meet the requirements of the planetary gear motor torque at high speed is not enough, high-speed period of stalling phenomenon to occur. Solution can be set by the drive to the drives to allow a larger output current or voltage range to improve the power supply voltage, or replace a bigger torque of the motor.

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