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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Step all-in-one: linear stepper motor on how on biochemical analyzer application

biochemical analyzer is one of the important instruments commonly used in clinical diagnosis, with the progress of medical science, biochemical analyzer by manual operation has entered into the phase of mechanization and automation. Automatic biochemical analyzer has high precision, good repeatability, complete functions and main test project, and the advantages of quick, easy, trace, in the laboratory and has been widely used in clinical test.

at present in domestic automatic biochemical analyzer in the market, while domestic brands are catching up, but is still dominated by foreign products, the main reason is homebred brand is still some way in the reliability and automation degree. Linear stepper motor is applied in the automatic biochemical analyzer and sample in the system are different with the traditional transmission mode of a patented technology products, it can be implemented in the accurate sample and automatically loaded at the same time ensure the high service life and high reliability of the system.

step all-in-one

automatic biochemical analyzer is the clinical and biochemical analysis of sampling, adding reagent, to interference, mixing, heat preservation, detection, data processing, display and output as a result, as well as cleaning the experimental steps to realize automation equipment.

automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic sampling, sampling function is implemented by its sample system. Of mechanical actuators in sample system generally includes: cantilever mechanism and driving mechanism. Domestic current drive mechanism usually use rotary stepper motor and drive mechanism, such as: synchronous belt, rack, such as ball screw; Transmission mechanism are connected to the cantilever mechanism, so as to realize automatic sampling function. Ball screw defect is big volume, high cost, high requirement to the institutional set-up, and ball screw pitch is larger, general agency resolution is not high. But the drawback is that of the other drive accuracy is not high, and the noise is bigger, the key is there is no guarantee that life, thus affecting the overall quality and grade of the products, and similar foreign products of the competition at a disadvantage.

linear stepping in motor due to the internal implementation converting rotary motion to linear motion, make the cantilever mechanism and planetary gear motor connected directly, while do agency elaborate as far as possible concise, without intermediate transmission link enables it to achieve higher accuracy of the machine, higher efficiency and higher life.

more concise: linear stepper motor on the structure of the features of its convenience in use. Linear stepper motor is, in fact, have such a successful application in the field of automatic biochemical analysis, because of its concise, accurate, sensitive perfect fit the characteristics of high reliability of automatic biochemical analyzer of linear motion control performance requirements.

: higher precision linear stepper motor adopts the Acme screw drive, a screw rolling molding, the transmission accuracy can be 0. 0005 mm/mm, the highest resolution can reach 0. 0015mm。 In addition to reach higher accuracy, can deserve to go up reverse anti-backlash nut, it can eliminate the back lash, achieve higher precision of transmission.

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