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Stepper motor drive travel _ with slow step motor brand

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Stepper motor can be according to the number of pulses and pulse frequency to achieve open loop control of motor position and speed, is a kind of cheap and simple to use, motor control, get more and more extensive application in the field of automation control.

but not because of the step motor closed-loop control, selection or improper use, will also be prone to stepper motor out of step, also called a stepper motor lose step, namely stepper motor does not operate according to the instruction to should be in place, let the engineering personnel is very upset.

so, what is the cause of the stepper motor step? What measures can be taken to avoid out-of-step?

stepper motor step there are many reasons why, in the process of practical application, need to take functional analysis, to find out the real reason for out of step, the general cause of step motor step is the following:

1. Work torque stepper motor itself is not enough, do not have enough ability to drive the load;

2. Stepper motor start-stop deceleration process is not sufficient, stepper motor out of step in the process of deceleration;

3. Stepper motor power is not enough, leading to the input power of the stepper motor enough cause out of step;

4. Stepper motor driving voltage is not enough or drive current set too low;

5. The drive or controller receives the signal interference;

6. Stepper motor system resonance caused by stepper motor load ability and lead to out of step;

7. The drive and controller signal does not match;

8. Synchronous wheel reducer back gap or not to return to clearance error compensation or compensation values on the program is wrong;

9. Control the program itself has a problem.

in view of the above each question reason, may adopt the following countermeasures to improve the stepping motor respectively out-of-step problem:

1) Stepper motor is apart from the calculation of load torque, reference frequency chart see if under the corresponding speed stepper motors have enough ability to drive load torque, can change under corresponding working speed torque stepper motor to the contrast test.

2) Stepper motor startup phase like open manual car, need gradually upside and acceleration, deceleration is not sufficient, can lead to out of step.

general suggested that the rotational inertia of the load not more than 10 times the moment of inertia of a stepper motor, or deceleration process will be long.

3) Stepper planetary gear motor starting moment we will test to rated current 1. About 6 times of current, if the power is not enough, will make the inside of the motor current is too low, effectively and with fixed load. Suggested that general power supply for more than 30% allowance.

4) Stepper motor need quick start or speed, need the driving voltage is higher, working current setting is enough big, otherwise easy to out of step.

5) Change the type of drive compared to see if received interference signal, or take control A motor movement, action is B motor, see if the motor received signal interference.

6) Resonance, stepper motor and its system has obvious noise and vibration, speed up or down a certain range, the phenomenon will significantly reduce or disappear, basic can judge is resonance problem.

choosing appropriate parameters of step motor, improve performance or physical ways such as damping pad can be used to drive vibration reduction.

7) If it is a stepping motor drive and controller signals do not match, is with the passage of time, the location of the offset will increase very evenly.

change the drive or controller signal recognition way, let the match are the same.

8) Synchronous wheel or reducer due to accuracy problem, will have certain error accumulated, need to make reasonable compensation in the control program.

9) Loss control program to also see a lot of, if there is problem need to check the control program.

can't find the problem reason, will also have engineers into the motor running for a period of time to find the origin position, this will affect the working efficiency of the equipment, there is no way to solution.

in recent years, the closed loop stepper motor became popular, and through the closed-loop control is to realize to the control of step motor, is also a kind of solution for the problem, but the cost would be higher.

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