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Stepper motor drive _ with slow step motor price

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
How can we determine the stepper motor driver dc power supply? Today we stepper planetary gear motor manufacturer of small make up just to give you specific to share.

1: determination of voltage. Hybrid stepping motor drive power supply voltage is usually a wide range, power supply voltage is usually according to the requirements of the machine work speed and response to choose. If the motor rotation speed higher demand or response quickly, so the voltage value is high, but pay attention to the power supply voltage ripple cannot exceed the maximum input voltage of the drive, otherwise may damage the driver.

2: determination of electric current. Power supply current is generally according to drive the output of the phase current to determine. If the linear power supply, power supply current generally desirable current 1. 1 ~ 1. Three times. If the switch power supply, power supply current generally desirable current 1. 5 ~ 2. 0 times. When offline signal for low electricity at ordinary times, drive the output to the motor current is cut off, the motor rotor in the free state. In some automation equipment, if in drive electric power requirement directly turn the motor shaft, the signal can be reduced, the machine offline, manual operation or regulation. Manual completed, will again raise signal, to continue to automatic control. In foreign countries, to step into the system, mainly adopts two-phase hybrid stepping motor and the corresponding subdivision driver. But in China, the masses of users for & other; Subdivision & throughout; Is not particularly understand, some just think, subdivision is in order to improve the accuracy, actually otherwise, segmentation mainly is to improve the performance of the motor, don't know the screen before you know? There is a problem welcome to contact us stepping motor manufacturer, we are willing to help you understand the product.

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