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Stepper motor factory tutor you how to correctly use waterproof step motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-20
Shenzhen Zhenyu technology co. , LTD is a research and development production of various series stepper motor, motor has many characteristics of special planetary gear motor, permanent magnet motor, gear motor, dc brushless motor, high temperature motor, motor at low temperature, waterproof step motor, etc. Products are widely used in mechanical processing, plastic industry, coating industry, food industry, life sciences, industrial machinery and equipment, and other automation control and other fields. Now products have been all over the country more than 20 provinces and cities, to get the customer the consistent approval. Company will provide you with a full range of system solutions, choose a better product for you, for you to provide timely technical support.

a waterproof step motor, the motor appearance of components, including former, after the end cover and the structure of shell is seamless, combination of components of surface between motor appearance, including former, between the end cover and the combination of the shell surface, after connection port and the joint surface between, fastening bolt holes with the static sealing mechanism between the combination of face, the planetary gear motor shaft with the shaft hole has a dynamic seal between institutions. parts materials or corrosion of the surface outside with anticorrosive coating. Waterproof motor due to the internal and external possible gaps or channel blocking by sealing mechanism, thus can obtain reliable waterproof effect, even if the rain water for a long time, also won't happen motor internal water and lead to failure, and at the same time also has a certain explosion-proof performance

waterproof step motor as executive component, is one of the key products of electromechanical integration, widely used in all kinds of automation control system. With the development of microelectronics and computer technology, the demand of stepping motor to swell, are used in the field of the national economy.
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