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Stepper motor load custom _ manipulator with stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
1. Stepper motor is a kind of as control with special motor, its rotation is a fixed Angle ( Called & quot; Interval Angle & quot; ) One step one step operation, its characteristic is not piled up error ( Accuracy of 00%) , so widely used in all kinds of open loop control. Stepper motor operation have to be driven one electronic equipment, the equipment is the stepper motor drives, announced that it is the control system of the pulse signal into angular displacement of stepper motor, or: each send a pulse signal control system, through the drive to spin stepper motor step Angle. So the speed of the stepper motor is proportional to the pulse signal frequency. So, the manipulation of the stepping pulse signal frequency, can accurate speed control of motor; Manipulation of the stepping pulse number, can accurate positioning on the motor;


2. After subdivision stepper motor drives the drive, the interval Angle becomes in 0 breakdown situation, such as drive operation, the interval Angle for & lsquo; Step planetary gear motor inherent elongation & lsquo; One over ten, meaning that: & lsquo; Step when drive my homework don't segment of the whole situation, each hair a step pulse control system, rolling. 8° ; While using subdivision driver operation in 0, motor rolling only 0. 8, which is the basic concept of subdivision. Segment function is completely depends on what happens to accurately control the motor phase current by the driver, has nothing to do with the motor.


3. Drive subdivision strenghts, why must use segmentation function?

the primary strengths for subdivided drive: eliminate the low frequency vibration of the planetary gear motor. Low frequency vibration is stepping motor ( Especially the reactive motor) The intrinsic characteristics of, and segmentation is the only way to eliminate it, if your stepper motor to work in the resonance region (sometimes Such as arc) , choose segmentation is one of the selected drive. Progress in the output torque of the motor. Especially for three-phase reactive motor, the torque progress about 30 - than when not subdivided 40%. Advances in the resolution of the motor. Steps for reducing the elongation, the progress from the uniformity, & lsquo; The resolution of the progressive motor & lsquo; Is obvious.

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