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Stepper motor, stepper motor drives, planetary reducer

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-26
1. How to correctly choose stepper motor and servo motor

this depends on the specific circumstances, simply to determine: the nature of the load torque, moment of inertia, rotational speed, accuracy, deceleration requirements, such as upper control requirements, the main control mode is position, torque, or speed. Power supply is dc or ac power, or battery power, voltage range. Accordingly to determine motor and drives or the model of the controller.

2. Choose to step planetary gear motor or servo control system

to choose what kind of motor should be according to the specific application, each have each characteristic. Stepper motor's output torque increases with speed decreases, and at a high speed when they fell sharply, so its maximum working speed in 0 ~ 900 RPM. Ac servo motor for constant torque output, that is, in its rated speed ( General is 1000 ~ 3000 RPM) Less than, can be rated output torque. Stepper motor control for the open loop control, start frequency is too high or too much load step easy appear lost or blocked, stops frequently occur high speed overshoot phenomenon, so as to ensure the control accuracy, should handle the ascending and descending speed problem. Ac servo drive system for closed-loop control, the actuator can be directly to the motor encoder feedback signal sampling, internal position loop and speed loop, general won't appear step motor lose step or overshoot phenomenon, more reliable control performance.

3. How to stepper motor drives

choose can according to the current of motor, stepper motor drives with greater than or equal to the current drive. If you need or high precision, low vibration can be blending subdivision drive. For large torque motor, high voltage type drive as far as possible, in order to obtain good performance at a high speed.

4. How to choose to use planetary reducer or spur gear reducer

planetary reducer is generally used in the limited space need high torque, small volume big torque, and its reliability and life are better than the spur gear deceleration machine, low noise and high efficiency low cost applications.
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