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Stepper motor stepper motor size specifications _ machinery

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-25
Stepper motor and stepper motor drives used in various mechanical equipment, the design engineer in the use of stepper planetary gear motor driver when faced with many challenges, also will encounter many problems need to solve in this, then under the introduction of electrical engineers in the operation of the stepping motor drives in what problem appears:

1. The machinery and equipment ( Composition: drive, transmission, etc. ) Users, reducing the noise of the stepper motor is urgent demand, in order to avoid cause uncomfortable feeling. Stepper motor driver is a kind of electrical pulses into angular displacement of the actuator. When stepping drive receives a pulse signal, it drives stepper motor according to set the direction of a fixed point ( Called & other; Interval Angle & throughout; ) , its rotation is based on the Angle of the fixed step by step. Stepper motor drive can be controlled by controlling the pulse number of angular displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; As well as by controlling the pulse frequency to control motor rotation speed and acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of speed regulation and positioning. Designers must also be able to compensate any outside noise or vibration in the system. Again, whether it is due to limited living space, or user preferences, high consumer demand for compact scheme is an ordinary consumer trends. This trend lead to more small size and low noise of the motor is more popular, but that in attempts to compensate for other design requirements are not always have the possibility.

2. The use of high voltage power supply drive stepper motor drive widely used in industrial equipment ( Such as industrial robots) And planetary gear motor, planetary gear motor drives the durability and safety is very important. Stepper motor driver stepper motor can't directly to the power frequency ac or dc power supply work, and must use a dedicated driver, as shown, it is controlled by pulse generating unit, power drive unit, protection unit, etc. Figure midpoint line surrounded by two units can be done with microcomputer control. Not to mention the engineers need to select reliable can control the speed of motor. Stepper motor drive sometimes also can appear some fault, for example, once started, drive an external fuse is burning, equipment can not run.

3. Design engineer mostly for motor drive application and related motor driver IC and components with low energy ( Explanation: to provide natural energy conversion material) Consumption and high efficiency. Therefore, will need to use the built-in fan in internal circulation cooling, in order to reduce heat and heat management. So the engineer may require low power loss, at the same time also requires strong, efficient cooling function of the motor.

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