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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-26
Main function of stepper motor drives, stepper motor subdivision drive the main role is to improve the stepping motor.

there are some driver adopted & other; Smooth & throughout; To replace the subdivision, and some also called subdivision, but this is not a subdivision, must distinguish the nature of the two different: when using the

1, & other Smooth & throughout; Does not control the motor phase current, but the rate of change of the current slow some, so & other; Smooth & throughout; Does not produce micro step, and subdivision microstep can be used for positioning.

2, motor phase current is smooth, can cause the drop of the motor torque control and not only do not cause the decline of motor torque, on the contrary, the torque will be increased.

3, the main advantage of the subdivided drive for:

completely eliminate the low frequency oscillation of the motor. Low frequency oscillation is a stepper motor ( Especially the reactive motor) The intrinsic characteristics of, and segmentation is the way of eliminating it, if the stepper motor sometimes have to work in the resonance region ( Such as arc) , select the subdivision drive is a good choice. To improve the output torque of the motor. Especially for three-phase reactive motor, the torque increases by about 30 - than when not subdivided 40. To improve the resolution of the motor. Due to reduced the step Angle, improved the interval evenness, improve the resolution of the motor is self-evident.

many mistakenly assume that the higher the segmentation of stepper motor drives, the higher the accuracy of stepper motor, in fact this is a wrong idea, such as stepper motor subdivision drive higher can reach 60000 pulses a turn, and the step motor is actually unable to distinguish the accuracy, when the drive is set to 60000 pulses/roll, accept several pulse stepper motor drives, stepper motor step, this does not improve the accuracy of stepper motor.

the stepping motor subdivision technology is essentially an electronic damping technology, its main purpose is to weaken or eliminate the low frequency vibration of step motor, improve the operation precision of the machine is only a supplementary function of subdivision technology. Subdivided step planetary gear motor running when the actual elongation is one of the basic steps from the Angle of a few minutes.

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