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Stepper motor trip _ manipulator with stepper motor brand

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
Choice of stepper motor driver, the first thing to determine the performance requirements of the stepper motor, if to step into the operation process of vibration, noise and heat have higher requirements, should give preference to digital stepper drives, digital stepper driver can control algorithm to control the vibration of the stepping planetary gear motor run time, solve the step size, etc. ; Phase cost request is higher, and the performance requirement is not high, can choose the simulation control or special control of stepper planetary gear motor driver chip.

the choice of the stepper motor driver also needs to observe its current:

current is judge the size of the drive power, is one of the important indicators of selection drives, usually drive is slightly greater than the nominal current of large current, usually have 2 drives. 0 a, 3。 And 6. 0个,8。 0 a specification, etc. Drive power supply voltage:

power supply voltage is the sign of judgment ability to drive up, conventional voltage supply are: 24 VDC, 40 VDC, 80 VDC, 0 vac, etc. Subdivision drive:

segmentation is a sign that the control precision, by increasing segmentation can improve the precision. Stationarity segmentation can increase motor, stepping motor usually has the characteristic of low frequency vibration, through better segmentation can be improved, make the planetary gear motor run very smoothly. Can ask han debao sales engineers, professional help you answer stepper motor, stepper motor drives, dc brushless motor and other related problems.

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