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Stepping drive _60 stepper motor supplier quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
Step motor cannot be directly connected to the power supply on the job, using a dedicated stepper motor drives. Drive is controlled by pulse generating unit, power drive unit, protection unit, etc. Drive unit with stepper motor direct coupling, can also be understanding into the power interface of stepper motor microcomputer controller.

but it is how to realize the drive control?

as follows: feed pulse & rarr; Pulse mixing circuit & rarr; Add and subtract pulse distribution circuit & rarr; Deceleration circuit & rarr; Circular distributor & rarr; Power amplifier & rarr; To the stepper planetary gear motor winding

1. Hybrid pulse to pulse into to * *, error compensation, etc, manual back feed mixed for positive or negative pulse signal;

2. Add and subtract pulse distribution circuit synthesize a positive or negative pulse at the same time into a single direction of feed pulse;

3. Circuit to adjust pulse to conform to the stepper motor acceleration and deceleration deceleration pulse, the characteristic of the change of the frequency to smooth, have certain time constant deceleration;

4. Circular distributor will be controlled by pulse into control stepping motor stator winding and the level signal of power;

5. Circular distribution of output power amplifier output for power amplifier, current level of mA generally consists of preamplifier and power amplifier.

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