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Stepping drive brand _ manipulator with stepper motor equipment

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
Stepper motor driver is a kind of electrical pulses into angular displacement of the actuator. When stepping drive receives a pulse signal, it drives stepper motor according to set the direction of a fixed point ( Called & other; Interval Angle & throughout; ) , its rotation is based on the Angle of the fixed step by step. Can be controlled by controlling the pulse number of angular displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; As well as by controlling the pulse frequency to control planetary gear motor rotation speed and acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of speed regulation and positioning.

stepper motor according to the structure classification: stepper motor is also called pulse motor, including reactive stepper motor ( VR) , permanent magnet stepper motor ( PM) , hybrid stepping motor ( HB) And so on.


  1. Reactive stepping motor, also called induction, hysteresis or reluctance stepper motor. The stator and rotor are made of soft magnetic materials, uniform distribution on the stator of large pole with multi-phase exciting winding, fixed, rotor around uniformly distributed small teeth and slots, after electrify torque caused by the change of permeability. Generally for three, four, five, six phase; Which can realize large torque output, Consumed power is larger, the current up to 20 a, high driving voltage) ; Step away from the Angle of small ( Xiaoke do 0 & rsquo; ) ; When power is no positioning torque; The motor damping is small, single step run ( The point at which the pulse frequency is very low) Shock for a long time; Starting and running frequency is higher.


  2. Permanent magnet stepper motor, motor rotor made of permanent magnetic materials, usually made of soft magnetic materials multiphase field winding of the stator, fixed, no small teeth and surrounding the rotor slot, after electrify use of permanent magnets and the stator current magnetic field interact to produce torque. General for two phase or four phase; Small output torque ( Power consumption is small, generally less than 2 a current, driving voltage 2 v) ; Step away from the Angle of large ( Such as 7. 5, 5 degrees, 22. 5 degrees, etc. ) ; Have a certain holding torque when power; Starting and running frequency is low.


  3. Hybrid stepping motor: also called permanent magnet reaction, permanent magnetic induction stepping motor, a mixture of permanent magnet and the advantages of reactive. The four phase reaction stepping motor stator and there is no difference ( But relatively, the two poles of the same phase and the winding on the two poles of N, S polarity must be the same) , the rotor structure is more complicated, The rotor is internal cylindrical permanent magnets, coat soft magnetic material on both ends, with small teeth and slots) 。 General for two phase or four phase; Must supply the positive and negative pulse signal; The output torque is permanent magnet ( Power consumption is relatively small) ; Step away from the Angle of the permanent magnet is small ( As a general rule, be 0. 8 degrees) ; When power is no positioning torque; Starting and running frequency is higher; A stepper motor development faster.

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