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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
Because modern PWM inverter output voltage waveform is along the steep rise, therefore, for the sake of system reliability, it is necessary to consider the maintenance problem of the machine. Slow step motor manufacturer of stepper planetary gear motor is analysed maintenance method.

avoid motor show damage has two ideas, one is to use higher motor winding insulation resistance to electric intensity, the other one is adopted to reduce the voltage. Before a way suitable for new project, after a way suitable for the modification of existing motor.

based on the above analysis of the mechanism for the onset of the voltage and the mechanism of motor damage, in a professional sale of stepper motor drives, stepper motor mount world quality club can from the following several aspects of this kind of motor damage phenomenon in the protection:

1. Extension of PWM pulse rise along the elegant. The principle of this method is based on the, the onset voltage pulse voltage on the cable is a condition of transmission time is greater than the pulse rising along the moment / 2, therefore, when the length of the cable a punctual, namely transmission moment a punctual, rising simply extends along the time, can damage the condition. To complete the intent of equipment is the du/dt filter. Demand note is that this way is just stretched the critical length of cable, and not completely solve the problem of the voltage, when the length of the cable to reach satisfactory conditions for voltage, voltage will also attack.


  2. The PWM voltage waveform into a sine wave voltage waveform. Already, the principle of this method is based on, PWM pulse voltage is the primary cause of voltage, the planetary gear motor needs when working voltage is sinusoidal voltage, therefore, need to make the voltage not applied to motor PWM voltage, but a sine wave voltage, can thoroughly solve the problem of the motor damage. In fact, to do so in the future, not only the problem of voltage got completely processing ( Cable again long, also won't be the present voltage) And radio frequency electromagnetic disturb, bearing damage and other issues are handled. To complete the intent of equipment is the sine wave filter.


  3. In the cable impedance matching unit and motor the azimuth of the interface device. The principle of this method is based on, already in motor imported attack the cause of the voltage of the supply cord is the impedance of the cable and motor of impedance matching, so in the end of the cable device an impedance matching network, deal with the problem. In fact, in high speed signal communication, this is a commonly used method. In high speed signal communication, because of the rise of digital pulse signal along very short, when after a long transmission conductor, the same will attack the voltage at the load end, lead to error. In order to avoid the outbreak of this kind of situation, in the transmission line impedance matching network terminal device. To complete the intent of device called cable termination.


  4. In the cable and motor the azimuth of the interface device voltage absorber. Front several measures were to eliminate the cause of the onset voltage perspectives to consider, this way is to have onset voltage constraints, eliminate voltage. Although PWM voltage waveform will still be in import onset voltage of the motor, but simply its ups and downs constraints within the scope of security, would not have adverse effects on the motor windings. To complete this intention devices called inverter voltage absorber.

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