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Stepping drive custom _ manipulator with stepper motor factory

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
Stepper motors have step pitch Angle ( Involves the phase number) , static torque, and the current three major components. Once the three main factors that the type of step motor was concluded that down, what are the precautions for the choose and buy of stepper motor is analysed.

step motor of elongation depends on the accuracy requirement of the load, the load of the small resolution ( Equivalent) Conversion to the motor shaft, each equivalent motor should go how many Angle ( Contains the deceleration) 。 Step motor of pitch Angle should be equal to or less than this Angle. Step shangbu into motor from the Angle of the market now generally have 0. 36 degrees / 0. 72 degrees ( Five phase motor) , 0. 9 degrees / 0. 8 degrees ( Second, the four phase motor) , 0. 5 c / 3 c ( Three-phase motor) And so on.

in the stepping motor current selection is also essential to stepper planetary gear motor selection and, because the current parameters, the operating characteristics of the different also is bigger, can be based on the torque-speed characteristic curve, the discriminant of the motor current and so on.


  1. Stepper motor step how to use the whole situation, the whole step in oscillation is large, it will affect the effect of using;


  2. Stepper motor is applied in occasions - at low speed Are no more than 000 turn, RPM ( 0. 9 degrees 6666 PPS) And fortunately, 000 - 3000pps( 0. 9 degrees) Apply, but a deceleration device to in the work, this moment motor operation with high efficiency, low noise;


  3. The moment of inertia big load should choose the frame size motor;


  4. in the high speed and large inertia load, the general is not starting operation speed, and choose frequency speed gradually rise, a step motor do not break, two can reduce noise can progress to suspend the position precision at the same time;


  5. Should be subject to mechanical, slow, progressive motor speed, or selects high fine fraction drive to deal with, also can choose five phase motor, but the price of the whole system more expensive, less true in the production of such businesses, this limitation constrained the further development of the product;


  6. should not be within the range of oscillation operation, can be altered if necessary dealing with voltage, current, or add some damping;


  7. In 600, PPS ( 0. 9 degrees) The following assignments, should choose small current, large inductance, low voltage to drive.

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