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Stepping drive load _60 stepper motor customization

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Now many of the mechanical use servo motor, a motor industry nature of the application of the servo motor is more understanding. Modified printer adopts stepper motor, instead more than original or independent research and development equipment use servo planetary gear motor, between what's the difference? By the simple small make up for you to tell me something about it now.

what is a servo motor? Commonly known as motor servo motor on the uv printer, is refers to according to the law of electromagnetic induction electric energy conversion or transfer of an electromagnetic device.

what are the advantages of servo motor?

1. Accuracy, speed, position and torque closed loop control.

2. Speed: servo motor generally rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 RPM.

3. Adaptability: resistance to overload ability is strong, able to withstand three times the rated torque.

4. Timeliness: motor deceleration dynamic response time is short, usually within a few milliseconds.

5. Stability: stable operation at low speed, low speed runtime will not produce similar to the stepper planetary gear motor's stepping run phenomenon.

6. Servo motor is running: electricity stops running.

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