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Stepping drive motor design _57 precision stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-25
Programming the robot steering gear is a kind of position ( Perspective) The servo drive, suitable for those who need Angle changing and can keep control system. Programming the robot steering gear through instant locked-rotor torque will be steering, steering wheel for a short time. As early as before in high-grade remote control toys, such as plane, submarine model, remote control robot has been widely applied. Now, through technology innovation, processing technology upgrade, steering gear has been widely used in all walks of life.

programming the robot steering gear - Early education programming solution - robot planetary gear motor Wan Zhida motor

programming the robot steering gear is combines the technologies of crystal science and technology, it is composed of dc motor, gear group, sensor and control circuit, is a set of automatic control electric drill speed reducer, using a closed-loop feedback control loop output deviation correction unceasingly, make the system output constant. For steering gear, the position detector is its input sensor, the position of the steering gear rotating a change, location detector resistance will be followed. Read the size of the resistance value by controlling circuit, can according to the speed and direction of the resistance adjusting motor, motor rotation to a specified Angle.

programming the robot steering gear shape and size of the lot, common standard steering gear, micro servo, big torque steering gear. Small steering force is relatively small, want to in the steering gear upper large torque, a need to improve institutions, such as adopting a tougher enclosure, common have CNC machining aluminum shell, with hardness strong, as well as good heat dissipation; Using more sophisticated gear combinations, common have copper, iron, aluminum, titanium, steel teeth, etc. In addition, the design of the structure and processing technology is affecting the operation of the steering gear. On the stand or fall of a steering gear is often reflected in the moment of electric operation can be aware of the quality of the steering gear.

in addition to the size and weight, programming the robot steering gear has two main performance indexes: torque and rotational speed, the two measures determined by the gears and motor. Torque, popular speak is how large is the steering gear. Under the voltage of 5 v, for example, standard torque of steering gear is 5. 5 kg/cm, refers to the maximum weight of 1 cm space to load. Speed refers to the transfer from one location to another location: how long will it take. Under 5 v voltage, steering gear standard rolling degree is 0. 2 seconds mobile 60 degrees ( That is 10/0. 2 = 50 rpm) 。 Locked-rotor torque of steering gear is only applicable to model aircraft in the steering system. Used in the mechanical arm, the robot joints, and other institutions need continuous load to just doesn't fit, this will greatly affect the damage to the steering gear, a card, collapse tooth, fever, short circuit, deformation, and so on and so forth. People like us, the biggest can take up 100 jins of sandbags, but only for a while back, if with 30 kg can back the time longer. Here we distinguish between two concepts: one is 100 jins sandbags ( Locked-rotor torque) , 30 kg sandbag ( Rated torque) , only let the 1/3 of steering gear load in locked-rotor torque - 1/5 place. Steering gear efficiency will be higher, use of time will be longer. Understand the rated torque and locked-rotor torque, can make a analysis in the selection. Torque force and torque multiplication. Rated torque is locked-rotor torque (one out of three Is to see the rated define precisely what kind of load, in what kind of speed, temperature maintained at 50 & deg; The left and right sides, the decision more accurate) 。 Controls the surplus force, steering gear is in use process will be.

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