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Stepping drive motor price _57 stepper motor manual

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
1 q: first use the stepper drive, how can you get started as soon as possible?

a: right after good power supply and motor, only after the pulse signal PUL ( To set the frequency to K) , segment is set to 6, the direction and offline impending,

after add electric motor default forward at this time. Again after operation and correct test acceleration (in turn Improve the frequency) , direction, and offline segment, and other functions.

2, q: control signal is higher than 5 v, be sure to add series resistance?

a: yes, it could burn control interface circuit of the driver.

3, q: after the power indicator, but the motor does not turn, what reason be?

a: if the wiring is correct, but still do not turn, control part drive ability is not enough, this kind of situation more appear in the

directly with microcontroller IO port control mode. Please make sure that the control interface has 5 ma driving ability

4, q: how to determine the definition of step motor four lines?

A: the planetary gear motor of any two lines connect together, this time by hand screw motor rotor resistance, the two lines is the same,

may meet in A + and A - drive ; The other two sub is still resistance, will the two lines in the B + and B -

5, q: motor and reversing situation and should be opposite actually reached?

a: you just need to put the motor in one phase of the two wires swap access to

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