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Stepping drive motor selection _57 stepper motor control

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
When selecting a synchronous motor, the choose and buy a lot of all don't know what standard should refer to when the choose and buy, consider what respect, is to consider ways in fact very much, have to take a look at these aspects. First of all should judge how torque should be: static torque is to choose one of the main parameters of motor. When load is big, need to use big torque motor. Index of large torque, motor appearance is also big.

the second is the judgment of the synchronous motor speed, high speed requirements, choose the phase current is bigger, smaller inductance motor, in order to increase power input. And when choosing drive with higher power supply voltage. Selection of the motor installation specification: such as 57, 86, 110, etc. , mainly related to the torque requirements. Determine the positioning accuracy and vibration requirements: determine whether segmentation, need how many segments.

and some matters needing attention: holding torque of synchronous motor, the approximate referred to in the traditional motor & other; Power & throughout; 。 Of course, the distinction that having essence. Physical structure of stepping planetary gear motor, is completely different from ac, dc motor, the output power of motor is variable. According to the need of torque size (usually To drive the torsion of size) To choose what type of motor.

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