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Stepping drive motor specifications _57 stepper motor size

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Stepping planetary gear motor servo motor machine of decelerate of how to choose?

first is the choice of precision, different type reducer precision, precision of the same type in different series, different brand different quality have different precision of speed reducer. Rated output torque than the precision of the reducer are more complicated, because of different ratio of speed reducer, rated output torque and differences. So we choose reducer, must first have a general concept, take a reference, select the appropriate range to do detailed parameters. The following table is to choose various types of reducer assumed parameters.

then choose the rated output torque reducer, must pay attention to the rated output torque of the speed reducer, refers to the torque reducer can absorb, rather than whatever input torque, speed reducer of the output are & other; Rated torque & throughout; 。

followed by the mechanical structure of the reducer itself, such as machine of decelerate of planet of concentric, eccentric reducer small size light weight, the worm gear and worm reducer output shaft reversing, self-locking, cycloid speed reducer has a flat structure, and so on.

output efficiency, efficiency is very low, in addition to the worm and worm wheel reducer efficiency of other were similar, mainly affected by the quality.

service life, the eccentric gear reducer rated output torque is small, short service life, the price is cheap.

consistency, all products have the problem of consistency, consistency in choosing a reducer specifically as a selection of elements, because of the speed reducer of the consistency is very important, especially the economical speed reducer, if anyone need to achieve high precision, the tooth clearance must be small, and low cost of reducer is difficult to ensure the accuracy of material and consistency, so meet the low price and high precision of speed reducer, the consistency of the need to consider it will mainly caton, efficiency of output fluctuations.

then according to the speed and torque eventually need to choose the appropriate ratio.

need 20 cows 100 RPM motor, for example, with the input speed divided by get output speed ratio, input torque multiplied by the speed ratio multiplied by the efficiency of output torque, list a set of solutions, it is easy to choose the

the small make up to explain, here only introduce the average user to select the thinking of speed reducer, the data in the table just choose industrial-grade data of inertia of the speed reducer, don't too picky, if there is a 1 in the article introduce machine of decelerate of planet of arc), the eccentric gear reducer has 1 & deg; , will let the selection is complicated.

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