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Stepping drive motor to adjust _57 stepper motor load

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Briefly what are the main types of stepping drive

now choose stepper drive automation industry generally divided into three kinds, reactive, permanent magnet, the hybrid. As hybrid products more and more perfect, hybrid products has been the head of the automation industry mechanical engineer to choose.

stepping drive on structure there are three main types: permanent magnet ( PM) , equation ( VR) And hybrid ( HB)

reactive, automation products of planetary gear motor dynamic performance requirements are generally choose this kind of equipment for the sake of control costs. Reactive: on the stator winding and rotor is composed of soft magnetic materials. Simple structure, low cost, small interval Angle, up to 1. 2° , but poor dynamic performance, low efficiency, big heat, strong sex is difficult to guarantee.

permanent magnet. Demand a larger torque and the accuracy is not high product can choose this. Permanent magnet: rotor permanent magnet products made of permanent magnetic material. Is characterized by good dynamic performance, large output torque, but this kind of machine precision, a step from the Angle of large ( As a general rule, be 7. 5° Or 15 & deg; ) 。

hybrid. Colleagues in stable output torque increased accuracy. Taking advantages of reactive and permanent magnet, the multiphase winding on the stator, rotor with permanent magnet materials, have multiple small teeth on the rotor and stator to step up torque accuracy. Its characteristic is the output torque, good dynamic performance and interval Angle is small, but the complex structure, the cost is relatively high.

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