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Stepping drive size _60 stepper motor manufacturers

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
Stepper motor as the executive element, it is one of the key products of electromechanical integration, widely used in all kinds of automation control system, now commonly used step motor are: the reactive, permanent magnet, hybrid and single-phase stepper motor, etc. On the market at present, five phase two phase hybrid stepping motor for more applications.

stepper motor on the structure there are three main types: reactive, permanent magnet, and hybrid.  


on the stator winding and rotor is composed of soft magnetic materials. Simple structure, low cost, step Angle is small, can reach. 2° , but poor dynamic performance, low efficiency, big fever, difficult to ensure reliability.  

permanent magnet:

permanent magnet stepper planetary gear motor rotor permanent magnet materials, the rotor pole and stator pole is the same. Is characterized by good dynamic performance, large output torque, step precision is poor, but the motor torque Angle ( As a general rule, be 7. 5° Or 5 & deg; ) 。  


combines reactive hybrid stepping motor and permanent magnet, the advantages of the multiphase winding on the stator, rotor with permanent magnet materials, have multiple small teeth on the rotor and stator step in order to improve the torque accuracy. Its characteristic is the output torque, good dynamic performance, step torque Angle is small, but complex, the cost is relatively high.    

in the stator winding, a total of two phase, three-phase equals five series. Popular is the two-phase hybrid stepping motor, accounts for about & ensp; Market share of more than 97, high performance/price ratio, and the reason is, deserve to go up after subdivision driver effect is good. This kind of motor torque Angle for the basics. 8° Steps/step, with the upper drive, torque Angle reduce to zero. 9° Step, deserve to go up after subdivision drive the torque Angle can be subdivided by 256 times ( 0. 007° ) 。 Due to friction and manufacturing precision, etc, the actual control precision is slightly lower. With the step motor can match different subdivision drive in order to change the accuracy and effect.

how to choose and stepper motor drives the

1 & middot; Judge how torque should be:

static torque is to choose one of the main parameters of step motor. When load is big, need to use big torque motor. Index of large torque, motor appearance is also big.

2· Judge motor speed:

high speed requirements, choose the phase current of the larger motor, in order to increase power input. And when choosing drive with higher power supply voltage.

choose motor installation specification:

such as 57,86,0, mainly related to the torque requirements.

determine the positioning accuracy and vibration requirements: determine whether segmentation, need how many segments.

choose according to current, segmentation and power supply voltage of the motor drive.

due to the working principle of the stepping motor to learn and easy to use, low cost, Relative to the server) , motor and drive is not easy to damage, is very suitable for microcomputer and single chip microcomputer control, thus in control equipment from all walks of life in recent years got more and more widely used.

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