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Stepping drive specification _ manipulator with stepper motor size

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Stepping motor drives the driving way how to distinguish?

1. Single voltage power drive

in the motor winding circuit of series resistor Rs, make motor circuit dual voltage power driver interface time constant decreases, and the high frequency electromagnetic torque motor can generate large when, still can alleviate planetary gear motor of low frequency resonance phenomenon, but the additional loss caused by it.

2. Dual voltage power drive

the basic idea of double voltage driving is at lower ( Low frequency band) Use low voltage UL driver, and at high speed ( High frequency) UH drive with high voltage. The power interface requires two control signal, Uh for high voltage control signal, U for pulse width drive control signal.

3. High and low voltage power drive

the design and implementation of high and low voltage driver is, no matter how high and low voltage power driving interface work frequency, UH high voltage power supply is used to improve the conduction phase winding current front, and after the frontier with UL to maintain low voltage winding current.

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4. Chopping constant current power driver

the design thought of constant current drive is, try to make the conduction phase winding current no matter when he worked in the lock, low frequency and high frequency are maintaining a constant value. Make the motor chopping constant current power driver interface constant torque output characteristic.

5. L frequency booster power drive

in order to further improve the drive systems of high frequency response, frequency boost power driver interface can be used up. The interface provided by the winding voltage and the operating frequency of the motor into linear relationship.

6. Integrated power drive

there are a variety of small power integrated power interface circuit of stepping motor drives to choose from.

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