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Stepping drive supplier _ manipulator with stepper motor selection

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
Stepper motor is a kind of induction motor, its working principle is the use of electronic circuit, direct current (dc) into time-sharing power supply, multiphase sequential control current, in this current for stepper motor power supply, step planetary gear motor to work properly, is time-sharing power supply for step motor drive, multiphase timing controller. The advantages of stepper motor is as follows:

1. rotation Angle is proportional to the pulse number;


  2. When the motor stalling with large torque ( When winding excitation) ;


  3. Due to the precision of each step from three percent to five percent, and would not step error accumulation to the next step and has good location accuracy and repetitive movement;


  4. Start stop and reverse response;


  5. Since there is no brush, high reliability, thus the service life of planetary gear motor only depends on the bearing of life;


  6. response only by the number of input pulses to determine, and thus can be used in a open loop control, which makes the structure of the machine is relatively simple and control cost;


  7. Only the load directly connected to the planetary gear motor shaft, can also be extremely low speed synchronous rotation.


  8. Because the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency, and therefore there is a wide speed range.
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