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Stepping drive use _ manipulator with principle of stepping motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-25
Stepper motor driver is a kind of electrical pulses into angular displacement of the actuator. When the stepper motor driver receives a pulse signal, it is driving a stepper motor according to set the direction of a fixed point of view, its rotation is based on the Angle of the fixed step by step. Can be controlled by controlling the pulse number of angular displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning.

as well as by controlling the pulse frequency to control motor rotation speed and acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of speed regulation and positioning. Widely used in medium-sized CNC engraving machine, crystal grinding machine, machine tools, electrical embroidery machine, packaging machinery, fountains, dispensing machine, cutting material feeding system and so on high resolution of large and medium-sized CNC equipment.

Zhenyu production of stepper motor is a kind of induction motor, its working principle is the use of electronic circuit, direct current (dc) into time-sharing power supply, multiphase sequential control current, in this current for stepper motor power supply, step planetary gear motor to work properly, is time-sharing power supply for step motor drive, multiphase timing controller.

so then depart from stepping stepper motor drives, stepper motor and stepper drive circuit should be how to connect?

two phase six lines and four wire stepper motor drives the wiring, as long as four line drive phase two lines A and B are two wires exchange, two phase six line stepper motor can be realized the reversal of the two phase stepping motor is A group of six line, 3 lines, respectively, and the four lines of coil driver B + and B - Six lines is linked together, the two phase stepper motor is A group of 4, 6 lines, respectively, and the four lines of coil drive A + and A - Attached to it.

are important in ensuring planetary gear motor, and the machine is utilised by everyone from types of gear reducers to planetary gear motor.
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