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Stepping drives _ manipulator with stepper motor application

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-20
Stepper motor driver the correct method of choose and buy, stepper planetary gear motor and drive type with more, more varieties, how to better understand and stepper motor drives right to choose their talent demand the product, the user should be on when choose must be fastidious, such talents with excellent function, low price choose good you need products.


  1. First needed to conclude that stepper motor load torque.

the short way is on the load shaft with a lever, with the spring balance pull the lever and pulling force times the length of the lever is not only the load torque. May according to the load characteristic is theoretically calculated.

because of the stepping planetary gear motor is controlled, so the current commonly used step motor are no more than 45 nm, large torque moment is larger, the higher the capital, if you can choose the motor torque is bigger or beyond this range, can consider to add reduction gear.


  2. Concluded that the stepper motor of high running speed.

speed target in the selection of step motor is crucial, the characteristics of the stepper motor is with the increase of motor speed, torque, the drop speed is related to many parameters, such as: stepper motor drives the driving voltage, phase current, motor phase inductance, intrusive, and so on, the general rule is: the higher the driving voltage, torque decline more slowly; The more slowly the motor phase current, the greater the torque. In design, should make the motor speed control in 600 r/min, or within 800 revolutions per minute.


  3. According to the load heavy torque and high rotational speed of these two important goals, will be able to pick out the suitable own stepper motor.

if you think your chosen motor is too big, can consider to add with speed reducer, this can save money, also can make your design more flexible. To choose appropriate reduction ratio, to consider torque and speed, pick out the better solution.


  4. Will consider leave must ( Such as 50%) Torque allowance allowance and rotational speed.


  5. Can pick first hybrid stepping motor, if because the price factors, can choose reactive stepper motor.


  6. Select subdivision driver as far as possible, and to make the drive in the segment.


  7. Selection and not into the motor torque only when the goal of an error, that is not the motor torque is bigger, the better, to consider with speed target.


  8. Subminiature drives and micro drive is to rely on the shell as the radiator, shall be fixed in a larger, thicker plates or additional cooling fan, if no cooling condition, and drives the homework in the low speed occasions ( Then drive fever is bigger) , can choose 90 type drive instead of with fan.

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