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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Low pressure servo drive products overview

low pressure servo driver USES the research and development of high-performance processor, to provide users with a high ratio of servo control solutions, on the premise of ensuring stable developable, pursuing the most close to application functionality and performance.

low pressure servo driver basic features

working voltage 24 v.

output current average 10. A, 30 a peak;

rated speed 3000 RPM. Support up to 8000 RPM;

25 w - adaptation planetary gear motor 200 w low pressure servo motor;

control external pulse, analog, PC communications control and so on, support position, speed and torque mode;

parameter tuning test: RS232 communication;

abnormal protection: has under voltage, over voltage, overload, abnormal function, over-current, encoder has alarm output.

low pressure servo driver application fields of various kinds of electronic processing equipment, assembly line with transmission device, medical equipment, instruments and meters, precision testing equipment, channel, gate control, Angle coordinate robot, positioning servo fixed-length, garage block, the material not for up and down motion device, equipment, auxiliary equipment, scraping and handling machinery, spraying machine, photo machine, household and office automation equipment, etc.

low pressure servo drive technology index

the FOC field-oriented control technology and SVPWM algorithm of space vector modulation can be convenient to modify the planetary gear motor parameter adaptation of various specifications of the motor, the built-in electronic gear, graphical debugging and monitoring software, can be customized according to user's requirements for the control and drive control function.

1 pulse repeat tracking error;

speed control precision: 2 RPM;

receive frequency range: 600 KHZ.

the highest speed support B000RPM

minimum 1 RPM speed support;

location accuracy support: 110000;

maximum no-load speed: 200 RPM/ms;

24 v136v148v adapter / 60 v low voltage servo motor.

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