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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
Two phase digital stepper driver - Summary of 422 r

M - D422R is a new generation of 32 bit DSP technology based high performance digital stepping drive, driving voltage DC18 to 36 v. Optimum

with peak current in 2. 2 a 42 mm outer diameter of the various types of two-phase mixing desktop stepper motor.

422 r using class servo control principle, the vector control technology, the built-in micro technology, adaptive filtering technique,

: the stepper planetary gear motor was optimized in low speed has good stability and low noise; High-speed torque greatly ascend, expanded the stepping motor of the

the speed range of application: smooth, accurate pure sine power vector control technology effectively reduced the electric heating.

two phase digital stepper driver - 422 r

1. A new generation of 32-bit DSP control technology;

2. Stability, noise, vibration superior performance;

3. Pure sinusoidal current vector control effectively reduce the electric heating;

4. Built-in micro;

5. Built-in motor parameters set;

6. Still can be set when the current halved;

7. Light signal input isolation difference;

8. Impulse response frequency up to 100 KHZ;

9. Current setting is convenient, the maximum peak of 2. 2A;

10. With functions of overvoltage, undervoltage protection.

two phase digital stepper driver - Main application fields of 422 r

point is mainly used in rubber machine, soldering machine, 3 d printing, labeling machine, robot, medical equipment and other automation equipment. In user expectations

low noise, low vibration, low fever, high precision equipment application of excellent results.

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