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Stepping servo motor design _ shenzhen micro precision stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
1, about the reducer noise problems

(1) the new of reducer sound is not normal?

it is friction between the gear precision of mechanical products is inevitable, but should be controlled within a certain range. New reducer gear are just processing out unused, mechanical voice can appear larger, running-in operation after a period of time will become smooth.

(2) the speed reducer is installed on the equipment, the sound of the reducer is not normal

to handle such problems at the scene, the existing equipment parts to the voice of the abnormal transfer to decelerate machine. Suggested that the reducer removed and servo connections alone, no-load running under the rated speed, see whether the sound is still not normal, to determine whether reducer ontology reason is caused.

2, reducer, temperature rise is fast and adverse effects will not interfere with the normal use?

reducer is precision metal mechanical products, in close friction when fast heat warming ontology, heat will also continue to spread. Temperature in the critical value of 65 - 70 degrees won't continue to rise up and down;

3, deceleration machine is more suitable for the working temperature of?

in the case of no special requirement, working temperature of reducer is - 25° ~85° Under the condition of; Such as customers have special request for low temperature should be informed in advance, after replacement parts and grease, reducer can withstand - 40° The low temperature

4, with the method of shaft sleeve and a clamp connection, the planetary gear motor shaft will slip?

reducer factory default is connected by the clamping way, according to the installation of the normal way to skid is not going to happen. If the customer urge the slot coupling, our planetary gear motor will also cooperate with the customer.

with slot connection under the instantaneous impact of servo can cause wear and tear to servo and reducer keyway positioning accuracy; And adopt the way of clamping can better solve this problem, avoid servo axis and the loss of overall accuracy.

5, deceleration function how long?

service life will be affected by the user using the environment, all kinds of constraints, such as frequency, method have bigger difference, so the life is difficult to define. Regardless of whether the encounter problems you are welcome to communicate with our company at any time, we are willing to partner with you grow together.

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