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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
The basic situation of the hybrid stepping motor industry:

hybrid stepping planetary gear motor is taking advantages of permanent magnet and reactive stepper motor is designed. It is divided into two phase, three-phase and five phase, two phase stepper Angle generally to 1. 8 degrees, three-phase stepper Angle generally to 1. 2 degrees, and five phase stepping Angle generally is 0. 72 degrees. Hybrid stepping motor rotor itself has a magnetic, so in the same stator electric flow generated torque than reactive stepper motor, and the interval Angle is usually small, therefore, the economical nc machine tool generally need to use hybrid stepping motor driver. But the complicated structure of hybrid rotor, rotor inertia is big, its quickness than reactive stepper motor.

overview of hybrid stepping motor:

1. High-speed stop the steady and rapid, no zero speed oscillation running smooth, vibration noise is small;

2. Fast response speed, suitable for frequent start-stop occasions;

3. Large output torque, small heat, high speed, high efficiency.

the characteristics of the hybrid stepping motor:

hybrid stepping motor is a combination of permanent magnet and variable reluctance stepper motor. Like PM motor, which consists of permanent magnet in the rotor teeth. Two groups of teeth called cup rotor vibration. A ring is the South Pole, another ring is the arctic.

the market share of the hybrid stepping motor:

hybrid stepping motor is expected to 5. A 66% compound annual growth rate from 2016 in 867. $65 million growth in 2022 in 1205. 97 million dollars. Hybrid stepping motor is very concentrated market, the top ten manufacturers of income accounts for about 90% of the total of 2016. High-end products are mainly from Japan and China. Japan and China is the biggest supplier of hybrid stepping motor production market share of nearly 90 in 2016. 70%. The asia-pacific region, is also the biggest consumption, consumption market share close to 45 in 2016. 66%. After the Asia Pacific region, north American consumer market share is 24. 47% of the second largest consumer.

two stage business accounted for 88% of the market in 2016, in 2022 is expected to more than 5% compound annual rate of growth. Witnessed a rapid expansion in the automation industry.

the demand of hybrid stepping planetary gear motor:

the innovation and development of the automation project has led to increasing demand for hybrid stepping motor. Increased automation projects worldwide, especially in the asia-pacific region, is another key factor to drive the hybrid stepping planetary gear motor market in the growth of the forecast period. With increasing attention to clothing simulation test, the hybrid stepping motor market may grow in the coming years.

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