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Stepping servo motor manual _ encoder stepper motor parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-27
Motion controller to control the servo motor usually adopt two kinds of method of instruction:

1. Digital pulse

this way and step motor control method, motion controller to send servo driver & other; Pulse/direction & throughout; Or & other CW/CCW” Types of pulse signals; Servo drives to work in the position control mode. Position closed loop servo drive. Japanese servo and domestic servo products mostly adopt the pattern. Its advantage is system debugging is simple, not easy to produce interference, but the disadvantage is that the servo system response is a bit slow.

2. Analog signal

this way, motion control system for servo drive send + / - 10 v analog voltage command, at the same time receive from the motor encoder or linear grating position such as detecting element position feedback signal; Servo drives to work in the speed control mode, position closed loop by the motion controller is completed. Europe and the United States of servo products mostly adopts the model of this kind of work. Its advantage is the servo response is fast, but the disadvantage is that are more sensitive to the interference, debugging is a bit complicated.

the following motion controller with analog signal control servo motor general debugging steps:

1. Initialization parameter

before wiring, initialization parameters first. On the control card; Choose the right control mode; Will reset the PID parameters; Let the electricity control card when the default enabled signal close; To preserve this status and to ensure that when the control card again for this state to electricity. On the servo motor: set the control mode; Set to external control; The encoder signal output of the gear ratio; Set the control signal and motor revolutions. In general, it is suggested that the maximum design speed in the work of the servo control voltage for the 9 v.

2. Connection

will power control card, connection between the control card and servo signal lines. The following line is to be answered: control card analog output line, enabling signal lines, servo signal output of the encoder. Review when the connection is free from error, servo motor and electric control card. The motor should not move, and can be used easily rotational force, if not, check the Settings of enabling signal and wiring. Turn the motor by the external force, check the Settings and the connections of the enable signal. Turn the motor by the external force, check whether the control card is the change of the planetary gear motor can be detected correctly set, or check the encoder signal connection and Settings.

3. Try direction

for a closed-loop control system, if the feedback signal direction is not correct, must be disastrous consequences. By opening the servo control card enabling signal. This is servo should rotate at a lower speed, this is the legendary & other Zero drift & throughout; 。 General control card will have zero drift of instruction or parameters. Use this command or parameter, whether motor speed and direction can be controlled by this directive. If you can't control, check the analog wiring and control mode of parameter Settings. Forward confirmation given positive number, motor, encoder increases; Inversion are negative, motor, encoder count decreased. If the motor with load, stroke is limited, do not use this way. Test voltage, don't give too much advice below 1 v. If the direction is not consistent, can modify control parameters on the card or motor, so that it is consistent.

4. Inhibition of zero drift

in the process of closed loop control, the existence of zero drift will have a certain influence on control effect, best to suppress it. Using the control card or suppress zero drift on the servo parameters, adjust carefully, make the speed of the motor is close to zero. Because of the zero drift itself also has a certain randomness, so, don't have to absolute zero speed are required.

5. Establish a closed-loop control

again go through servo control card will make can signal, on the control card input a smaller proportion of gain, as to how much smaller, this only by feeling, if there is not trust, input control card can allow the minimum value. Open the control card and servo enable signal. At this time, the motor should have been able to make action according to the movement instruction is roughly.

6. Adjust the closed-loop parameters

fine tuning control parameters, to ensure that the motor according to the motion control card of instruction, this work is to be done, and this part of the work, the more experience, can only from here.

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