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Stepping servo motor manual _ shenzhen mini stepper motor which is good

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
Reducer in use for a long time in the process of wear and tear is inevitable, this time is very need to get sustainable maintenance, so shall also the stepper motor. With more at ordinary times is the reducer with three-phase asynchronous motor, but the stepper planetary gear motor and asynchronous motor is not the same in some ways, the following will come together and have a look.

first, both are special motor can accurately control the speed. But both control the speed of different principle: servo motor is a closed loop control, which can real-time measurement of motor speed; Stepper motor is open-loop control, enter a pulse stepper motor will be around a fixed point of view, but not speed are measured. Other different, servo motor starting torque is large, which started quickly. A very short period of time can reach the rated speed.

is suitable for frequent start-stop and start torque requirements, at the same time, the power of the servo motor can do is very big, can be used very widely in production. Stepper motor start, slowly, through a process from low to high frequency. Stepper motor generally have no overload capacity, and servo motor overload but fierce. Of course there are other different for you to discover, so these two are more advanced motor, but the performance is different. Suggest you from the principle of motor, start, start features, overload, braking, control method, etc, to understand, this may be for the two clear.

the stepping motor is the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement of open loop control motor, is the main components of modern digital program control system, the application is very wide, then you know stepper motor maintenance?

stepper motor daily maintenance guide

1. Remove the motor from the shaft extension end or the stretching end can take out the rotor.

2. Stepper motor using the environment often should keep dry, motor surface should be clean, the air inlet should not be affected by dust, fiber, etc.

3. Continuous action occurs, when the thermal protection of the motor should be troubleshooting or from motor overload or protection setting value is too low, after eliminate the fault, before put into operation.

4. When at the end of the life of a stepper motor bearing, vibration and noise will significantly increase the planetary gear motor running, check the bearing radial clearance of the following values, which should be replaced.

5. Replacing winding must take note of the original winding form, size and number of turns, wire gauge, etc. , when the data loss, should be to the factory, change the original design winding, often worsen or a few of the motor performance, even not be able to use.

see so much detail about stepping motor maintenance strategy, believe you must be from have a good harvest. Stepping motor and servo motor are belongs to series, maintenance up it such a big gap. Want to get a good maintenance, the motor is necessary professional knowledge.

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