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Stepping servo motor prices _ shenzhen mini stepper motor manual

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
1. Q: how to correctly choose servo motor and stepper planetary gear motor?

a: mainly depending on the specific application, simply to determine: the nature of the load torque, moment of inertia, rotational speed, precision, deceleration requirements, such as upper control requirements, the main control mode is position, torque, or speed. Power supply is dc or ac power, or battery power, voltage range. Accordingly to determine planetary gear motor and drives or the model of the controller.

2. Q: choose stepper motor or servo motor system?

a: actually, choose what kind of motor should be according to the specific application, each have its characteristics.

3. Q: how to stepper motor driver?

a: according to the current of planetary gear motor, with greater than or equal to the current drive. If you need or high precision, low vibration can be blending subdivision drive. For large torque motor, high voltage type drive as far as possible, in order to obtain good performance at a high speed.

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