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Stepping servo motor principle _ encoder stepper motor design

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
1. Structure of precision, affordable, high reliability, durability, service life is very long hollow glass of brushless dc motor is for use in extreme environmental conditions and special design and manufacturing, precision, long service life and high reliability, especially the super quiet operation and low noise level

2. Brushless electronic commutation, no commutation spark, security, environmental protection of rare earth materials, the rotor and the organic combination of helical winding technology, to ensure that the output of the hollow glass of brushless dc motor torque and dynamic response index is highest, can meet various automation industry operating conditions of use

3. No cogging effect, rotor dynamic balance, quiet operation, smooth using the latest technology developed brushless dc drive, better solve the traditional hollow cup of brushless dc planetary gear motor control, high power density, high efficiency, no spark features such as low noise, less foreign interference, which has been widely used in small and medium-sized power within the scope of the high performance control field

4. Can match different high precision planetary reducer, gain more when low speed large torque output motor can match different high precision planetary reducer, gain more when low speed large torque output dc brushless motor naming rules:

bf74-57 30 l24

1。 Stand no. : motor appearance size, 57 = 57 mm

2. BF: square brushless dc planetary gear motor, BY: circular brushless dc motor

3. The fuselage length: said fuselage length of the motor, 74 = 74 mm

4. 1/100 times rated output rotational speed, 30 - - 3000rpm

5. Rated voltage code: L: low voltage, H: said high pressure

6. Rated voltage: 12 - - 12 v、24 - - DC24V时,36 - - DC36V, 48 - - DC48V,

170 - - DC170V, 310 - - DC310V

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