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Stepping servo motor specifications _ shenzhen mini stepper motor size

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-27
A lot of applications in the life, cannot leave the widespread use of the machine. Among them, servo motor, stepping motor is one of the motor type. Servo motor is in the servo system control mechanical components of engine, is a kind of subsidy motor indirect variable speed electric drill speed reducer, the stepper motor is a kind of electrical pulses into angular displacement of the actuator. You know what's the difference between the servo motor and stepper motor?

the difference between servo motor and step motor:

1. The required working equipment and working process of different

power supply needed for the stepper motor ( The voltage required parameters given by the driver) And a pulse generator ( Now mostly use plate) , a stepper motor, a drive ( Drive set interval Angle, such as setting step away from the Angle of 0. 45° Walk, at this time, to a pulse, planetary gear motor 0. 45° ) ; Its work process work for stepper motor general need two pulses, pulse signal pulse and direction. The servo motor power supply is required for a switch ( Relay switch or relay board) , a servo motor, its working process is a switch power supply connection, then connect the servo motor.

2. Low frequency characteristics of different

stepper motor at low speed is easy to appear low frequency vibration phenomenon. Vibration frequency is associated with load and drive performance, it is generally believed half frequency vibration frequency for the motor no-load takeoff. This determined by the working principle of stepper motor in low frequency vibration phenomenon is very bad for the normal operation of the machine. But, ac servo motor running smoothly, even in the low speed also won't appear when the vibration phenomenon. Ac servo system has a resonance suppression function, can cover mechanical rigidity, and the system has the function of frequency resolution ( FFT) , can detect the mechanical resonance point, is advantageous for the system adjustment.

3. Control in different ways

is stepping motor by controlling the number of pulse control rotation Angle, a pulse interval Angle corresponding to a. The servo motor is controlled by controlling the length of the pulse time of rotation Angle.

4. The torque-speed characteristics different

stepper motor output torque increases with speed decreases, and at a high speed when they fell sharply, so its maximum operating speed is in commonly 300 ~ 600 r/min. And ac servo motor as the constant torque output, namely in the rated speed ( General is 2000 or 3000 r/min) Less than, can be rated output torque, in for a constant power output above the rated speed.

5. Speed response performance different

stepper motor to accelerate from 0 to speed ( Generally for a few hundred revolutions per minute) Need 200 ~ 400 ms. Better acceleration performance of the ac servo system, ac servo motor, for example, from the static accelerated to the rated speed 3000 r/min. Just a couple of ms, can be used for fast start-stop control occasions.

6. Different overload capacity

step motor is generally not have overload ability, so, when selection in order to overcome the inertia moment, often need to select a larger torque motor. And the overload capacity of the ac servo motor has stronger in ac servo system, for example, it has the speed overload and torque overload capacity. The maximum torque is three times the amount of torque, can be used to overcome inertia load at startup moments of inertia moment.

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