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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
When used on some mechanical servo motor, often happen too much noise, the phenomenon such as motor driven load unstable operation. This problem, many users first reaction is servo motor quality is bad, because sometimes with stepper motor or frequency conversion motor to drag loads, noise and unstable phenomenon instead. On the surface, is indeed a servo motor ACTS, but after we carefully analyze the working principle of servo motor, will find that this conclusion is completely wrong.

servo system include: servo driver, servo motor and a feedback sensor. All these components are running in a closed loop control system:

1. Drive from external receiving parameter information,

2. And then give some current transmission to the stepping servo motor, driven by motor converts torque load, load according to the characteristics of its own actions or deceleration, sensors measure the position of the load, driving device, comparing to the set information value and the actual position,

3. Then make the actual position by changing the motor current value and set up information keeps consistent, when the load suddenly changes in the rate of change, after they learned changes in the rate of the encoder will quickly response to the servo drive, drive and by changing the provided to the current value of the servo motor to meet the change of the load, and return to the set speed.

servo system is a response to a very high the whole closed loop system, load fluctuation and speed are time lag between the response is very fast, at this point, the real limits the effect of the response of the system is mechanical connection device of passing time.

for example

is a mechanical with servo motor by a constant V belt transmission speed, big inertia load. The whole system needs to get constant speed and fast response characteristics, analyzes its action process:

1. When the current to the motor drive, motor immediately produce torque;

2. At first, with v-shaped belt is elastic, the load will not accelerate to fast like a stepper planetary gear motor;

3. Servo electrical opportunities, than the speed of load arrive early to set the fashion on the motor encoder will weaken the current, thereby undermining the torque;

4. With an increasing number of V belt tension are slow to make motor, the drive to increase current, then the cycle.

in this case, the system's oscillation, is the motor torque fluctuation, load speed fluctuation. The result will of course be noise, wear and tear, not stable. However, this is not caused by the servo motor, this kind of noise and instability, is derived from the mechanical transmission device, is due to the servo system response speed, High) And mechanical transmission or reaction time ( Longer) Does not match the cause, namely fast response servo motor in the system to adjust the time needed for new torque.

to find the problem root cause and solve the problem of the above example, you can:

1. Increase mechanical inertia, the rigidity and reduce the system to reduce the response time of the mechanical transmission parts, such as v-belt change into direct lead screw transmission or gear box instead of V belt.

2. Reduce the response speed of the servo system, the servo system control bandwidth, such as reducing the gain of the servo system parameter values.

this is just one of the reasons for the noise is not stable. For different reasons, will have different solutions. Such as the noise caused by mechanical resonance, resonance can be taken to curb in servo, such as low-pass filtering method, in short, the cause of the noise and instability, basically is caused due to the servo motor itself.

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