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Stepping servo motor supplier _ shenzhen mini stepper motor selection

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Hybrid stepping motor is roughly made up of stator, rotor and end cover.

the rotor consists of rotor iron core and permanent magnets, magnet magnetized along the rotor shaft direction, for N pole at one end, on the other side for the S pole. Rotor core outer ring for the small teeth.

big pole stator, and small tooth on each pole. Each pole on the coil. After electrify coil magnetic excitation, forming the corresponding N, S.

we produce high performance stepping motor, USES the high quality cold rolled steel and high temperature permanent magnet system, integrated with our patent design of high torque, the innovation of the

hot technology, reliable bearing and high voltage insulation system. These features formed in the case of large load torque, can achieve high precision high torque stepper motor running smoothly.

provides accurate, efficient and maintenance-free motor control function, and has reached the industry all the highest torque stepper motor efficiency. In the same specifications of the products, our products can offer higher value for equipment manufacturers.

even if the same devoted into the motor, when using different driving scheme, the torque-speed characteristics also vary widely.

stepper motor at work, the pulse signal in a certain order on each phase winding in turn.

stepper motor is different from other motor, its nominal rated voltage and rated current is reference only; And because of the way of stepping motor is a pulse power supply, power supply voltage is the highest voltage, rather than the average voltage, so the stepper motor can work beyond the scope of its rating. But when the choice should not be far off rating.

stepper motor no accumulated error: general precision of stepping motor for the actual step from the Angle of three percent to five, and do not accumulate.

stepper motor appearance: the highest temperature allows stepper motor temperature too high, first of all, can make the motor demagnetization of magnetic materials, which can lead to torque decline and even out of step, so the motor appearance allows the highest temperature should depend on different points of demagnetization magnetic material; Demagnetization of magnetic materials, in general, some are above 130 degrees Celsius, some even as high as 200 degrees Celsius above, so the temperature in Celsius 80 - stepper motor appearance 90 degree completely normal.

stepper motor torque will vary with the increase of rotational speed down: when the stepper motor rotation, the motor of each phase winding inductance will form a reverse electromotive force; The higher the frequency, the greater the back emf. Under the function of it, the motor phase current decreases with the increase of frequency, which can lead to torque decline.

stepper motor at low speed can operate properly, will not be able to start, but if the frequencies above a certain threshold, accompanied by squeaking noise. Stepper motor has a technical parameters: no-load start frequency, the stepper motor under the condition of light pulse frequency can normal boot, if the pulse frequency is higher than the value, the motor does not start properly, may be lost or blocked. In the load cases, start frequency should be lower. If you want to make the motor to achieve high-speed rotation, the pulse frequency should be to accelerate the process, namely the start frequency is low, and then in a certain high frequency acceleration to want.

hybrid stepping motor drive power supply voltage is usually a wide range, power supply voltage is usually according to the requirements of the machine work speed and response to choose. If the motor rotation speed higher demand or response quickly, so the voltage value is high, but pay attention to the power supply voltage ripple cannot exceed the maximum input voltage of the drive, otherwise may damage the driver.

power supply current is generally determine according to drive the output phase current of the I. If the linear power supply, power supply current generally desirable I 1. 1 ~ 1. 3 times; If the switch power supply, power supply current generally desirable I 1. 5 ~ 2. 0 times.

when offline signal FREE for the lower levels, drive the output to the motor current is cut off, the motor rotor in the FREE state. In some automation equipment, if one is in the drive electrical requirements under the condition of rotating motor shaft directly, it can be set FREE signal is low, the machine offline, manual operation or regulation. After done manually, then FREE signal is high, to continue to automatic control.

adjustment in A simple way, two phase stepper motor rotation direction after the power supply, just put the motor and drive A + and A - wiring Switch.

four phase hybrid stepping motors in general by two phase stepper driver to drive, as a result, the connection in series connection or and connection method can be used to connect two phase using four phase planetary gear motor. In series connection is generally used in the motor speed low situation, the need to drive the output current of motor phase current zero. Seven times, and electric heating small; And connection method commonly used in motor speed high occasions, needed to drive the output current of motor phase current 1. 4 times, thus stepping motor heating is bigger.

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