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Stepping servo motor using _ shenzhen mini stepper motor principle

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-27
Stepper motor deceleration control principle:

step motor driven actuators from one location to another location, to go up, the constant speed and deceleration process. When the stepper motor operating frequency is less than its own start frequency, can start directly with operating frequency and frequency operation, need to stop, can be directly from the run frequency to zero speed. When step motor running frequency load starting start frequency, if direct fb frequency starting may result in a stepper motor lose step even blocked. Also suddenly stops, under fb frequency due to inertia effect, step electric chance happened rushed, affect the positioning accuracy. If the speed is very slow, stepper motor won't produce out-of-step and overshoot phenomenon, but affects the working efficiency of the actuator. So the stepper motor deceleration to guarantee under the premise that does not lose step and overshoot, with the fastest speed to move to the specified location.

the technology and application of stepping motor:

stepper motor is a kind of electrical pulses into angular displacement of the actuator. When the stepper driver receives a pulse signal is driving a stepper motor according to set the direction of a fixed point of view, its rotation at a fixed Angle. Can be controlled by controlling the pulse number of angular displacement quantity in order to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; At the same time also by controlling the pulse frequency to control motor rotation speed and acceleration and to achieve the purpose of speed control. Stepper motor as a kind of special motor for control, because of its no accumulated error and is widely applied in all kinds of open loop control.

the positioning precision of stepping motor:

to ensure the position precision of the system, and the pulse equivalent the stepper planetary gear motor turns a step away from the Angle of the moving distance cannot too big, and the stepper motor speed slowly, in order to prevent the loss or overshoot phenomenon. But these two factors together with a particular problem: positioning time is too long, affects the working efficiency of the actuator. Thus to increase the positioning of the speed, at the same time to ensure the position precision, can put the whole positioning process is divided into two stages: coarse positioning and fine positioning. Coarse positioning stage, the use of larger pulse equivalent, such as 0. Step 1 mm/or 1 mm/step, even higher. Precision positioning stage, in order to guarantee the positioning accuracy, switch to smaller pulse equivalent, such as 0. 01 mm/step. Although smaller pulse equivalent, but due to the fine positioning a short journey, will not affect the positioning speed. In order to realize this purpose can be realized by adopting different shift gear mechanical aspects.

the rise and fall of commonly used stepping motor frequency control methods:

the rise and fall of commonly used stepping motor frequency control method has two kinds: linear lifting frequency fluctuation frequency index curve. Index curve method has strong ability of tracking, but poor balance when speed change is larger. Good stability, the method of lines can be used for a wide speed change way of rapid positioning. Lifting with constant acceleration, regularity of succinct, relatively simple to implement in software, this paper using this method.

PLC automatic control step motor:

industrial machine tool control occupies an important position in the industrial automation control, positioning hole is constant labor steps. Workbench tool or you would like to move from point A to point C, known AC = 200 mm, divided the AC into AB and BC two, AB = 196 mm, the BC = 4 mm, AB section for coarse location, using 0. Step 1 mm/pulse equivalent based on linear lifting frequency regularity of fast moving, BC segment for fine positioning, using 0. 01 mm/step pulse equivalent to point B in the low frequency constant speed movement to complete the accurate positioning. At the end of the coarse positioning into fine positioning at the same time, PLC automatic replacement variable speed mechanism. At present more advanced PLC could satisfy the requirement of sequence control not only has the basic logic instruction, but also provides a rich instruction function. SiemensS7- The 200 series PLC PLUS instructions at Q0. 0 and Q0. 1 output office or PWM high-speed pulse, the maximum output frequency to 20 KHZ. Provide square wave output pulse sequence, the user control cycle and pulse number. Pulse width modulation ketone can provide a continuous, variable duty cycle output, user control cycle and pulse width. This paper adopts the multistage pipeline work regarding to coarse positioning, regarding single pipe segment way to achieve precision positioning.

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