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Stepping servo motor which good _ shenzhen mini stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
Stepper motor, the typical motion control motor, is the executive element in the informatization, automation control system. Principle of stepper motor is the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or line open loop control elements of displacement, according to the pulse signal, set according to direction of fixed point of view, stepping motor by controlling the pulse number to control the amount of angular displacement, can achieve accurate positioning purposes.

stepper motor advantages

stepper motor has more advantages, such as: brushless structure, high reliability compared with traditional motor; Easy to stop and reverse, fast dynamic response; Stops can self-locking, torque, etc. At present, the market of step motor is widely used in hybrid stepping motor and permanent magnet stepper motor, VR step motor has been basically eliminated. HS stepper motor can be very precise small incremental step distance movement, can achieve complex, precision linear motion control requirements; HC stepper motor torque and the volume is relatively small, the control accuracy is not high, the output torque is small, cost is a kind of more economic choices.

stepper planetary gear motor applications

stepper motor has a wide range of application, such as office automation, factory automation, medical apparatus and instruments, measuring instruments, Banks, ATM equipment, car, entertainment equipment, communications equipment, stage lighting and other fields. The rise of the emerging industries, such as 3 d printing, and solar power, auto motor applications created a new market space.

stepper motor industry development trend

the future direction of step planetary gear motor is from open loop to closed-loop, integrated with drive and servo system integration development. Integrated development and stepper motor drives, and permanent magnet brushless dc motor, ac servo planetary gear motor system combining development are two important trends, stepper motor has gradually use full closed loop control, has the function of the servo motor. In the future, step motor is smaller, more superior performance, higher ratio of volume, will be in the home robots, civil mass use of intelligent equipment and other civilian equipment.

stepper motor industry development prospects

with the improvement of industrial automation level, the emerging economies of the stepper motor demand is increasing day by day. Stepping motor has been penetrated into multiple areas of the economy and continues to deepen, such as computers, communications equipment, office automation, industrial automation, Banks, etc. Future, involving food, clothing and shelter People's Daily life, the manufacture and application field in the escalating, emerging industries, to put forward new requirements to stepping motor. Stepper motor manufacturing industry in China market will keep 5. About 1% of the average annual growth rate. Optimistic forecasts, by 2023, the size of the market is expected to exceed 18 billion yuan.

stepper motor manufacturing industry market size prediction

the current overall, stepper motor production and demand is huge. Stepper motor is widely used in addition to the dc motor and ac motor in the third class of motor, in open loop high resolution positioning system, has yet to find more suitable for replacing it products, especially in some small power system, the mainstream of step motor has the irreplaceable status, therefore has retained larger market demand. At the same time stepping motor downstream applications is continuously deepen, and create new market demand.

stepper motor chain

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