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Straight line module handbook which good _ _ triaxial simple manipulator multiaxial linear slide mute

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-23
Mechanical products store has always been a problem faced by people, especially with the development of mechanization automation, usually people saw mechanical products are more, so small make up today is to introduce a kind of mechanical product storage method. Linear module belongs to a kind of mechanical products, may be common linear module, even if you buy only buy one or two, so for its storage without too much care and attention; But those linear module manufacturer directly or customer factory, probably because some need to store large amounts of linear module. They should be how to store the linear module? If the store is bad can lead to what kind of impact?

mechanical products the most afraid of be rust, oxidation, exposure, degaussing, etc. , so as the linear module of mechanical products should also note that these problems, if a large number of manufacturers and customers factory store linear module. First of all to ensure that the storage environment temperature on the high side, also not low, it is best to place interesting condition; For storage environment is not too wet, lest rust oxide, etc.

if there is no good deposit, linear module in high temperature environment, for example, it can cause, degaussing or linear module of planetary gear motor to reduce the rigidity of the screw, if long-term under high temperature environment, some metal objects in the linear module will react with oxygen in the air, carbon dioxide, and so on, resulting in a linear module of damage to or loss of performance.

of course, if the linear gear coupling stored in low temperature environment, prone to rust problem, because of the low temperature will contain a lot of moisture in the air. Linear gear coupling after rust, whether its operating speed or precision, service life and so on will be affected by the larger.

in simple terms, a linear module is best stored in normal temperature condition, and environment is relatively dry, the storage environment is the best; Especially for linear module of the manufacturer or customer factory directly, when facing the season or the market environment is not so stable conditions lead to shut down, be sure to linear gear coupling and other equipments for strict storage, so as not to come again to use when failure occurs.

the above is the small make up to introduce how to store the linear module and if the store is bad can cause what kind of impact to the linear modules, hope to be able to bring you help.
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