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Straight line module sliding table how to solve the stepper motor fever

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-23
planetary gear motor appear in a variety of industries, with the use of extremely broad, by continual development and innovation, gradually to the development of more intelligent. In mechanical industry, with the continuous development of industry products also have corresponding requirements, the application of linear sliding table has become wider, design and easy installation, small volume light weight, high precision, high rigidity, equipped with complete, the optimization design, supply high precision of machine tools on the market need module lever. Ready for the foot, low price, good service.

both linear module sliding table, linear motor and servo motor, in the process of movement will generate heat, so in the process of the straight line gear coupling, the design of the sliding table to reduce the stepper motor heating is very be necessary, but linear module to devoted into motor heating are mainly from the add and subtract speed of step planetary gear motor itself, if needed to add and subtract speed to maintain current under the continuous current of step motor to drive, so hot issues get great improvement. On the contrary, if in the process of acceleration and deceleration have short high current demand, so be sure to in the planning stage will have to consider the equivalent thrust, according to actual needs, to join a brief or wait for movement of the time.

in addition, if a slide push work item exceed the actual current sustained current hot issues which should be considered. Under normal use, the more conducive to heat dissipation compared some motor structure, compared to some of the step planetary gear motor coil no enough heat dissipation space, therefore, when design movement structure, the structure of the stepper motor cooling must be considered.
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