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Straight line slide guide rail linear motor module customization module load _ _ linear motion module device

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-23
Linear modules and visual equipment collocation USES

at present, more and more high to the requirement of flexible production automation industry. Industrial machine vision products will gradually miniaturization and intelligent. 3 d visual technology combined with linear gear coupling is applied to the more intelligent hardware products. Widely used in 3 d printing, assembly, construction, electronics, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, medicine, agriculture and other production areas.

3 d visual technology can be used to get the depth of the object information, and then based on the accurate positioning of this algorithm, the linear gear coupling structures, the machine can use more accurately in the process of production and material control. From the point of view of hardware, it needs better 3 d scanner and 3 d camera equipment.

automatic up-down material

in the past is usually artificial material into the injection molding machine, and then the next working procedure. Now we can through 3 d camera equipment collection and analysis of images of the product, and the output 3 d data. Combined with the use of mechanical arm straight line module, the corresponding material can be placed in a fixed position, realize the material automatically assigned.

click to view application video: linear module of the application materials sorting

online test

in the process of production, each product need to test whether qualified. But traditional product detection, often using the naked eye detection, the disadvantages of doing this is not enough precision, prone to error, and can't continue to work, the high cost, generally requires a lot of time and energy.

straight line gear coupling combined with 3 d machine vision can play a big role in the test scenarios. Through three-dimensional information, 3 d camera can fully and accurately detect the products. For example, a 3 d camera can effectively complete character detection, detecting circuit boards, bottle caps, glass bottle and bottle defect detection task.

click to view application video: straight line module application of PCB detection

appearance measurement

straight line module with the combination of 3 d machine vision technology can be applied to industrial production, achieve real non-contact measurement. Because do not need to contact, so won't produce wear, so you can avoid contact measuring the secondary damage of product. Moreover, the appearance of the object to make use of 3 d visual product measurement, the precision, speed and performance will be higher than that of traditional caliper measurement. This will help to improve the manufacturing level of precision instruments.

identify position

what is & other; Visual position & throughout; ? Accurately identify products and determine its position. In semiconductor manufacturing, for instance, the adjustment of the chip location information and extract tend to be complex, straight line module and 3 d camera collocation can quickly identify the chip and to analyze its positioning is accurate, simple and effective solution to this problem.

visual tracking

in short, it USES the 3 d camera to process, analyze and understand the image, so as to identify objects and goals. In recognition of qr code, barcode recognition, weld recognition application scenarios, such as with straight line module use can effectively improve the work efficiency. In addition, with the application of machine vision image recognition is more and more widely, the application of all kinds of material surface recognition demand is more and more big, the 3 d camera with its good compatibility and stability has won more and more market recognition.

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